Charging away from home

You don’t have to have a charging point at home to live with an electric vehicle – you simply need access to a charger! Thankfully, there are plenty around these days.

Public charging made simple

With more than 33,000 charge points spread across 100+ UK networks, it won't be long before your wallet's bulging with RFID cards. The solution? An all-in-one 'roaming' service...

Public charge point maps

Planning a road trip? These interactive maps will lead you straight to the fastest (and most reliable) public charge points in the UK, Europe and beyond…

  • Auto Trader charging map

    This super nifty locator covers every public charging point in the UK, so no matter where you are, Auto Trader can point you in the right direction completely free of charge.

  • Zap-Map

    One of the most regularly updated charge points locators, Zap-Map helps EV drivers find EV chargers, plan longer journeys and pay for charging. Desktop or app.

Guides to help you switch to electric

Find your perfect electric vehicle

Looking for the right electric vehicle can be overwhelming with so many options available. Start here.

Charging at Home

From installing a home charge point to keeping your electric bill under control, here's our guide to charging your electric car at home.


Read more about the average electric car range and just how far an electric vehicle can go on a single charge.

Electric Explained

Your ultimate guide to electric cars from what's under the bonnet to how they work and what it's like to drive one.

Charging on the Go

Discover where you can charge your car, how much it'll cost and how you'll actually struggle to run out of charge.

Understanding the Jargon

We explain all the electric acronyms and jargon in one place, so you can start shopping in confidence.

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